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Graphics & Artwork

Every so often someone asks me to make something for them (mainly Clint it must be said). I thought as is the fashion that I would exude my wares onto the web for no reason other than "I can". The list is by no means exhaustive - by a long way!


Logo Designs


c e 3 2 0 v2.0 HPC:Factor v1.0 HPC:Factor v2.0

Clinton Fitch (dot) Com! Clinton Fitch (dot) Com! Christmas 2006 Clinton Fitch (dot) Com! Top 10 2006

C:Amie (Me) c3 Test Sheet JMF Soft

MobileCubed 2002 MobileCubed 2006 Mobilecubed's m3cro

SalH Toy Wonderland Toys & Models

KAGE DVD Catalyst GT Audio Supported Enhanced Learning


Website Designs

Most of these images have been taken from the design templates rather than as screenshots of the actual site. As a result many of them are blank. Some are her for personal nostalgia reasons more than anything else and are not designed to wow, impress or make you even look.

C:Amie v1.0 C:Amie v2.0 C:Amie v3.0 (You are currently looking at it)

HPC:Factor v1.4 HPC:Factor v2.0 HPC:Factor Administration v2.1 (You would never normally get to see this)

SWR v2.0 Over Unity Clinton Fitch (Dot) Com! v4.0

SalH BSE Presents & Prizes

ERS DVDCatalyst.com Version 3 c e 3 2 0 Version 2

Thunderbirds of England


Interface Designs

DVD Catalyst 2.4 Installer Splash Screen DVD Catalyst 2.0 UI


Signatures & Avatars

Most of the following were designed for use on the HPC:Factor Handheld PC Community Forums, as part of the staff "Colour bar" artwork project.



The first 16 shown below were part of the "Shockwaves" set. They were displayed using an image randomiser routine.




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