At the end of the day, this site isn’t a blog.
I’m sure that you have some good points to make, but be aware that I’m not actively seeking feedback on the information on these pages.

If you don’t like something I’ve said, then click the close button in your browser and move on. If you do like something I’ve said, great! Hopefully I’ve helped you to fix something, and if that’s so I’d consider it an honour if instead of e-mailing me you make use of the time by stepping away from the computer and go give that beautiful, probably neglected and oh so worthy of your attention girlfriend/wife of yours a hug.

Technical Support

First and foremost. I Do Not Provide Technical Support.

You may believe that your problem is deserving of my time, but frankly I think my life is far more interesting than your problem. That’s just how it is.

    • If you are looking for Handheld PC Technical Support, please make use of the Forums at HPC:Factor.
    • If you are looking for Virtual PC/Hyper-V Support, please use the newsgroup microsoft.public.virtualpc.
    • If you are looking for Emotional Support try a therapist.