Analog is an application originally released under GPL from In compliance with the terms of article 2 of the GPL, the compiled binary and modified source for use against the original 6.0 release can be downloaded below.

This application and its files are Open Source. The download is provided as is, with no rights or warranties expressed or implied by either myself of the original author. All other terms as per the GPL.

Pre-compiled Binaries

The files below reflect only the binary executable component of the Analog redistributable. You should download the full Analog redistributable from and merge into the contents of the latest download of Analog C:Amie Edition for your platform.

Once you have done that you will need a configuration file. If you are starting out with Analog, the config file generator is a good place to start.


Version 6.0.17

Download: Analog CE for Windows
Download: Analog CE for Linux [Debian]
Download: Analog CE for OS X [Intel]



View: Analog CE Documentation


Source Code

The source code for Analog CE is now available from GitHub at the following URI