This page contains guides for using Analog CE.

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  1. What is the difference between this and the version at
  2. Do I need Analog CE?
  3. Quick Start Guide: Without Report Magic
  4. Quick Start Guide: With Report Magic [Windows]
  5. Using Analog CE to provide automatic statistics on a multi-site IIS server
  6. Using Analog CE to generate live statistics for inclusion on web pages



What is the difference between this and Stephen Turner’s version?

After Dr. Turner stopped maintaining Analog, I have stepped in to provide updates to the detection algorithm. Analog CE should be considered to be a maintenance release of Analog. The binaries are newer and contain a small number of optimisations however the fundamental functionality is identical.


Do I need Analog CE?

Analog CE is primarily aimed at users who want to be able to detect newer operating systems and web browsers through the reporting functionality of Analog. If you don’t need this, then there is no specific need to use Analog CE unless you are looking to use XML output formatting for which Analog CE has a number of bug fixes.