Multi-region Affiliate & Referral Buyers Link (Marbl)

Welcome to the homepage for the Marbl Plug-in.

Marbl is a simple multi-region affiliate scheme automator. It is designed to allow you to input referral and affiliate programme links into your websites, forums and blogs. Offering minimal complexity, maximum privacy and simplicity. You can integrate Marbl into your web projects in minutes while allowing viewers access to your affiliate schemes without any fuss or complexity.

Marbl currently supports the automatic creation of affiliate and referral links for

  1. Amazon Affiliates
    [AU, BR, CA, CN, DE, ES, FR, IN, IT, JP, MX, UK/GB, US]
  2. eBay Partner Network (EPN)
    [AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, DE, ES, FR, IE, IT, NL, UK/GB, US]

Marbl generates the buyers links at runtime on the client browser. It is available as a pre-packaged plugin for WordPress and MegaBBS as well as the easy to implement JavaScript library. It can be visually customised using designer defined image and CSS files.



The following are examples of the Marbl plug-in.

Tip: Move your mouse over the icon/text to see and interact with the affiliate scheme / referrals scheme links.

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WordPress 4.7+

The Marbl WordPress4.7+ short-code plug-in. You can add Marbl links to your posts and pages using the Marbl for WordPress shortcode syntax.

The following are examples of the short-code syntax:

[ marbl type="amazon" search="Intel NUC"] which produces:

[ marbl type="ebay" search="Intel NUC" ] which produces:

[ marbl type="amazon" search="Intel NUC" size="32" ] which produces:

[ marbl type="amazon" asin="B07K9C2VDP" label="Intel BOXNUC8I3BEK3 NUC Mini PC - (Black)" display="both" ] which produces:

[ marbl type="ebay" search="Intel NUC" regions="UK,US,CA" display="text" ] which produces:

[ marbl type="ebay" search="Intel NUC" regions="CH,FR,BE" display="both" ] which produces:


PD9 Software MegaBBS 2.2

An implementation of Marbl for PD9 Software MegaBBS 2.2.

View: Marbl in PD9Soft MegaBBS 2.2


JavaScript API

The JavaScript API underpins all implementations of Marbl. The API is simple and can be rapidly embedded as custom module for your CMS or site.

Marbl does not have any external dependencies and is written in pure JavaScript, making it light weight and easy to implement.

For more detail on the JavaScript API, please see the Documentation.