Welcome to the homepage for the Multi-region Affiliate & Referral Buyers Link, Marbl Plug-in.

Marbl is a simple multi-region affiliate scheme automator, designed to allow you to input referral and affiliate programme links into your websites, forums and blogs with minimal complexity, maximum privacy and minimal effort.

Marbl is is easy to implement JavaScript class that generates the buyers links at runtime on the client side.

Most users won’t want to implement Marbl directly from the source code, but instead will want to use one of the wrapper packages or integration guides to integrate Marbl into an existing CMS or service.


WordPress 4.7+

PD9 Software MegaBBS 2.2

JavaScript Source


Marbl in PD9Soft MegaBBS 2.2

– Added ‘Link add nofollow option’ with default=true to base class
– [WordPress] Added settings option to configure the Link nofollow on/off state
– Added CustomImage parameter, used to override the built-in images
– Converted bolLabelOnly to ENUM DisplayStyle
– Added IMAGE, TEXT, BOTH emum lookup values
– If label is set on an image only render, the label will be added to the image ALT text
– URL encoded labels with + sings are now decoded back to spaces
– [WordPress] Added ‘nclude default CSS StyleSheet’ configuration option
– [WordPress] imageonly property renamed display to align with the DisplayStyle ENUM
– Updated plugin entry points to ‘marbl-amazon’ as a brand identity for ‘Multi-region Affiliate & Referral Buyers Link’
– Added usage and examples to the options page
– Added the 4 built-in Amazon icons to the options page
– Renamed the base JS class to MarblAmazonLink
– [WordPress] Added WordPress uninstall
– Code pattern now available to add Marbl to PD9 Software MegaBBS 2.2
– Updated plugin entry points to ‘abl-amazon’ to comply with WordPress plugin directory naming requirements
– Added support for text label linking instead of the default icon links
– Initial WordPress plugin version as ‘amazon-buyer-link’
– Added config page to WordPress plugin
– Added default 16×16, 24×24, 32×32 and 48×48 Amazon icons
– Initial release
– Standalone JavaScript File for