Virtual PC 2004 SP1 Windows 3.11 Virtual Hardware Drivers

If you are a Virtual PC users, and happen to have DOS lying around, chances are that by now that you have thrown on a copy of MS-DOS, and taken a trip back to that heralded day of PC gaming. Who can deny that some of the best games ever made were made for DOS?

Of course there are other applications that will run under DOS, and one of the most common for the nostalgia seeking Virtual PC user is probably going to be Windows 3.11 for Workgroups.
Wait a minute, didn’t you just call 3.11 a DOS app?… move along. Nothing to see here.


Windows 3.11 was release in 1993, well before the full hardware set in Virtual PC had been created. In order to find basic functionality, you will need to install a few drivers to make the most from the system.

Download Drivers:


S3 Trio64v+ (765)

Under Windows 3.11, the S3 Trio Virtualised Graphics controller can operate up to 1600×1200 @ 256 colour, 1024×768 @ 64K colour and 800×600 at 16.7 million colour. In order to adjust the screen resolution settings under Windows 3.11 you must use Windows Setup from the ‘Main‘ Program Group (winsetup.exe).
Two versions of the S3 display driver are provided below.

Driver Downloads

64E16406.EXE 17/04/1996 632KB 22/09/1997 607KB


DEC DC21x4

In order to make proper use of the Networking Layer under Windows 3.11, it is recommender that you first install the MS-DOS Virtual PC additions. If you wish to setup your configuration manually, driver downloads for the Network cards under MS-DOS have been provided in addition to the Windows drivers below.
If you wish to connect to a TCP/IP network, a link to the Microsoft 32-bit TCP/IP Stack for Windows 3.11 can be found below.

Driver Downloads 20/06/1998 20KB 12/02/1998 130KB 26/06/1998 135KB
tcp32b.exe 26/05/1995 674KB


Creative Sound Blaster

You do not need additional drivers to make use of the Creative Sound Blaster card being virtualised through VPC2004 unless you want access to the creative software utilities and application suite.

To install the sound card using built-in drivers.

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Double Click Drivers
  3. Click Add…
  4. Select Creative Labs Sound Blaster 1.0
  5. Click OK
  6. Select Port 220 and Interrupt 5
  7. Click OK and restart the Virtual PC

Creative Labs Installation under Windows 3.11