Customising the look of Marbl

The Marbl plug-in ships with a default set of graphical files and a basic CSS style sheet.

If you wish to customise these components you can specify that Marbl should use a custom resource repository. The repository should contain your own graphics files as well as optionally your own CSS style sheet.

Enabling a custom Resource Repository


  1. In WordPress, log into WP-Admin
  2. Settings, Marbl Links for Amazon & eBay
  3. Go to the General Settings section
  4. If you intend to use your own CSS file, you may wish to completely disable the included CSS file. If so select ‘No’ next to “Include default CSS Style Sheet’
  5. Enter the path to the new Resource Repository. This can either be a root relative URL path (/folder1/folder2/folder3/) or an absolute URL path ( The plug-in will expect the final character to be a ‘/’ character.

See the next section for details on how to structure your custom Resource Repository.


Structuring your custom Resource Repository

The Resource Repository folder should be organised into sub-folders and provide specific files as shown below

main.css Custom Style sheet file
amazon-16×16.png 16×16 pixel Amazon logo
amazon-24×24.png 24×24 pixel Amazon logo
amazon-32×32.png 32×32 pixel Amazon logo
amazon-48×48.png 48×48 pixel Amazon logo
ebay-16×16.png 16×16 pixel eBay logo
ebay-24×24.png 24×24 pixel eBay logo
ebay-32×32.png 32×32 pixel eBay logo
ebay-48×48.png 48×48 pixel eBay logo
AT.png Flag of Austria
AU.png Flag of Australian
BE.png Flag of Belgium
BR.png Flag of Brazil
CA.png Flag of Canadia
CH.png Flag of Switzerland
CN.png Flag of the People’s Republic of China
DE.png Flag of Germany
ES.png Flag of Spain
FR.png Flag of France
IE.png Flag of Republic Of Ireland
IN.png Flag of India
IT.png Flag of Italy
JP.png Flag of Japan
MX.png Flag of Mexico
NL.png Flag of The Netherlands
UK.png Flag of the United Kingdom
US.png Flag of the United States

Note: The default flag file images are all 36×22 pixels in size.

For example. If your repository folder was /assets/marbl the structure would be:

  • /assets/marbl/css/main.css
  • /assets/marbl/images/amazon-16×16.png
  • /assets/marbl/images/UK.png

Any other custom assets that you wish to reference via your custom main.css file should be structured accordingly.