You can send audio but not receive it when using Skype for Android

System Requirements:

  • Android
  • Skype for Android

The Problem:

When you make a Skype call on an Android device (Skype for Android at the time of writing) your partner can hear you and see you, however you cannot hear them.

This problem was observed on a Barnes & Noble Nook HD+ running ICS 4.0.4, but should by no means be exclusive to this equipment.

More Info

Quite simply, the fix to this one was that the Android device had been left with a pairing state with a Bluetooth Audio device – one that was not connected. This occurred irrespective of whether Bluetooth was on or off or the speaker in range.

By unpairing the device from the bluetooth partners list in Android Settings, the sound started to work once again at the next establishment of a call.

As other apps were using Audio correctly via the built-in speakers, I suspect this to be a bug in Skype rather than Android or Barnes & Noble’s firmware.