Using a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Platinum (CT4760) under Windows Vista

System Requirements:

  • Sound Blaster Live! Platinum
  • Windows Vista

The Problem:

This is Windows Vista we’re talking about… you had to ask?

More Information:

Put simply there are no native drivers for the original versions of the SB Live series with the Live! Drive 1.0 or 2.0. Microsoft stopped generating them with Windows Server 2003’s release, and in all but name so did Creative.

I can help you get sound, I cannot help you to get Surround Sound, the Game Port or to make use of your Live! Drive as the people at Creative once intended.

  1. Go to and then to Support
  2. Open the main downloads page
  3. In the Search by File Name or Model Number search for CT4760
  4. Download the 23.32 MB, 10 Mar 03 “Sound Blaster Live! – LiveDrvUni-Pack English”
  5. Double click the installer program, work through until it tells you it cannot find any qualifying products
  6. Hit Vista’s Device Manager
  7. Find the uninstalled Multimedia Audio Device, right click it and select Update Driver
  8. Specify your own file path for a driver
  9. Type or browse to the following, substituting %username% for the SAM name of your user account:
  10. Vista will install the driver and you will now have sound & sound control through the audio mixer

What does not work

Yes, they did release XP drivers for it in 2001, 2002 and 2003, and the 2003 release is what we are using – but if you actually need to use the Live Drive or want any SPDIF/Optical output e.g. have a 5.1 surround sound system, forget it. The best you will ever do with these driver is Stereo.

  • Many of the Live Drive’s ports (Exactly the same as using these drivers with XP)
  • SPDIF/Optical decoding to AC3 (Stereo is fine [Exactly the same as using these drivers with XP])
  • Create Joystick/MIDI port on the back plate of the card (Vista will not accept the driver)
  • Speaker profiling other than Mono/Stereo (Exactly the same as using these drivers with XP)

So much for the 1999 promise of lifetime support through the “LiveWare” program. That lasted all of 2 years.

Pinnacle Systems PCTV Vision 2.75 Mod

I bolted this one together on a whim because I’ve grown sick of seeing the drab 16 colour PCTV icon lingering in my start menu.

It’s pretty shocking really in the modern age of vibrant iconography and flash interface design that Pinnacle shipped this as a graphical afterthought in what at the time in my opinion was the better commercial option for a TV viewing application.

The modification is very simple, it replaces the shell icon with a new high contrast application icon, and replaced the old splash screen, (comically named the Potato Spash by the original programmer).


System Requirements

PCTV Vision 2.75 is the Stand alone viewer application which ships with PCTV Pro 5.50a. You must have a working Pinnacle PCTV card in your system running PCTV 5.5 (CD or web download) which has been patched to PCTV 5.50a .


For PCTV 2.75 (PCTV 5.50a)Download : 600KB


  1. Simply backup the files Vision001.dll and Vision.exe found under the installation directory
    Default: C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Pinnacle PCTV\Vision
  2. Inflate the zip file download
  3. Replace the existing files in the installation folder with the two from the zip
  4. Start PCTV
Splash Screen Icon
PCTV New Splash New PCTV Icon

Copyright information: PCTV is the exclusive copyright of Pinnacle Systems. The new splash screen is designed by C:Amie. The icon set it a converted version of an icon from “Capital Icon Suite” and is copyright ~Capital18.