Pinnacle Systems PCTV Vision 2.75 Mod

I bolted this one together on a whim because I’ve grown sick of seeing the drab 16 colour PCTV icon lingering in my start menu.

It’s pretty shocking really in the modern age of vibrant iconography and flash interface design that Pinnacle shipped this as a graphical afterthought in what at the time in my opinion was the better commercial option for a TV viewing application.

The modification is very simple, it replaces the shell icon with a new high contrast application icon, and replaced the old splash screen, (comically named the Potato Spash by the original programmer).


System Requirements

PCTV Vision 2.75 is the Stand alone viewer application which ships with PCTV Pro 5.50a. You must have a working Pinnacle PCTV card in your system running PCTV 5.5 (CD or web download) which has been patched to PCTV 5.50a .


For PCTV 2.75 (PCTV 5.50a)Download : 600KB


  1. Simply backup the files Vision001.dll and Vision.exe found under the installation directory
    Default: C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Pinnacle PCTV\Vision
  2. Inflate the zip file download
  3. Replace the existing files in the installation folder with the two from the zip
  4. Start PCTV
Splash Screen Icon
PCTV New Splash New PCTV Icon

Copyright information: PCTV is the exclusive copyright of Pinnacle Systems. The new splash screen is designed by C:Amie. The icon set it a converted version of an icon from “Capital Icon Suite” and is copyright ~Capital18.