C:Amie’s StopWatch for Windows CE and Handheld PC

System Requirements:

  • Windows CE 2.11, 2.12, 3.0, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
  • Handheld PC Professional
  • Handheld PC 2000 (HPC2000)
  • VBCE Runtime


StopWatch does more or less exactly what it says on the tin. It is a timer that you can stop… and start… and clear.

The program is designed not to hook the RTC in calculating the time, what is meant by that is that the application does not take note of, nor care about when precisely it was that you started the timer as is the case with some of the other timer applications available for CE.

Why does this matter?

Well, with a timer that hooks the RTC values, when you suspend the device and resume it after x amount of time, the application will re-value the current time against the start time and adjust the value accordingly. This program was designed to maintain counting arithmetic each side of the suspend/resume application.

Why would I want this?

Well, you might not, however if you are looking for this, I am sure that you have a good reason for it. The reason why I wrote the application in this was was because I wanted a visual indicator to time battery depletion from max charge to the point at which CE’s power management forcefully suspends the hardware. Once suspended, when you connect it back to AC ad resume the system, the value on the screen will be the value that the system powered off at, rather than a recalculated value between then and now.

Do however note that the time will continue ticking on resume.

C:Amie's StopWatch

Current Version:






Source Availability:


StopWatch makes no registry modifications and writes no data into the file system of your Handheld PC (the VBCE RTL does make additions to the registry), it is low footprint, transportable and can be run from main RAM or a CF Storage Card.


The table below contains a list of changes made to StopWatch.

Version Number Changes


  • C:Amie branding added
  • Clear button logic changed so that it no longer stops the timer if it is already running
  • Hyperlink support for CE .net 4.x to www.c-amie.co.uk added
  • Automated interface version numbering added


  • Canvas size reduced
  • Timer Font Size Expanded
  • Hyperlink for HPC2000 systems to www.c-amie.co.uk added


  • Added toggelable Start/Stop button
  • Clear Button Added


  • Initial Release for Thaddeus


The following steps outline the installation procedure for the StopWatch.

Visual Basic CE Edition

  1. Download either the VB application from below
  2. Download the VBCE runtime from H/PC:Update (if required)
  3. Upload the VBCE runtime installer to the device and install by double clicking the cab file and following the instructions on the screen
  4. Soft Reset the Handheld PC
  5. Upload the application file (.vb file) to the Handheld PC
  6. Double-tap the .vb to launch the program

.net Compact Framework Edition

  1. Download the .net CF application from below
  2. Download the .net Compact Framework runtime combination from H/PC:Update (if required)
  3. Install the .net Compact Framework using ActiveSync to your Handheld PC
  4. Soft Reset the Handheld PC
  5. Upload the application file ( .exe file) to the Handheld PC
  6. Double-tap the .exe to launch the program


This application is closed source, its use is entirely down to you the end use, no warranty is implied or offered.


StopWatch for CE 2.10+: You will need to have the VBCE Runtime libraries installed (CE2.11+) on your device. The Minimal version of the VBCE runtime from H/PC:Update (link below) will enable operation under CE .net. HPC Pro and HPC2000 users already have the RTL in ROM.

StopWatch.net for CE .net 4.20+: You will need the .net Compact Framework 2.0 SP2 installed. The .net Compact Framework can also be downloaded from H/PC:Update.

Download: C:Amie’s StopWatch 1.0.3 (VB Application only) (5 KB)

Download: C:Amie’s StopWatch 1.0.3 alpha (.net Compact Framework 2.0 Application) (8 KB)

View: H/PC:Update on HPC:Factor